MSR 2013 May 18–19. San Francisco, California, USA
The 10th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories
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Keynote Speaker

Brian Doll

Brian Doll

Brian Doll is a technology & business hacker who has been building things on the web for 17 years. Brian works at GitHub, helping millions of people build a better world with code.

Keynote 2: Striking Gold: Building Software Better, Together

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One hundred and sixty-five years ago, the California gold rush began at Sutter's Mill in nearby Coloma, California. Hundreds of thousands of people came over mountains and across oceans to discover hundreds of millions of troy ounces of gold. Today we are in the middle of a software gold rush. At the center of every business, in every industry, in every country, software is an essential element to building a better future. As we rush to build software better, together, we should stop to analyze the raw materials of what we are producing. What makes successful software projects? What makes highly productive teams stand out? Is the popularity of a software project related to its quality? Let's walk through the tools and processes for understanding how we might find those perfect nuggets of answers among the largest software repository in the world: Bring your pan and pick. We're going to get our hands dirty.